Lorinda Channel Partner

What is Lorindaa Channel Partner?

Lorindaa offers a platform in which an individual can become a channel partner. A channel partner here describes a person or entity who needs to work with lorindaa to develop business in his/her own locality by putting a genuine effort in adding up local business to at the same time each addition of such will results in channel partner’s earnings and rewards. For this lorindaa will accepts subscription from those who wants to be a channel partner, providing them all the tools, techniques to conquer the dormant market. It is moreover like owning your own business, working in your own accordance and earning a huge amount of money respectively.

How to become Lorindaa channel partner?

To become a channel partner, you need to subscribe to become one . After subscription you will be certified as a channel partner, you will be provided with all necessary materials( T-shirts, ID Card , Marketing Brochure, Bill Book, Stickers, Visiting Card ). All you have to do is, get the local shops online and add them i.e. subscribe them to each addition will provide you monetary benefit, making your benefit in monetary terms in each addition of local sellers.

Following are some exclusive advantages for channel partners:

  1. Earning per addition i.e. every time a seller is added it will results in adding up money to you.
  2. No specific education is required, it means anyone and everyone can be a channel partner provided that they must be at least 18 years at the date 31st may 2019.
  3. Certification(Working/Experience) and rewards(Car, Motorcycle, Smartphone, etc) will be provided every year.
Lorindaa and your Earnings.

Lorindaa provides you a greatest opportunity of all times. Every time a channel partner adds up a seller to it counts, this means when you make a seller subscribe to an incentive will be provided to you. In addition to this, renewal of subscription by sellers will also yield same monetary benefit to you.

Following are detailed description of each subscription for seller and your incentives:

  1. Business Subscription Package: Incentive- 1000/-
  2. Banner Ads Package: Incentive- 200/-
  3. Boost Listing Ads Package: Incentive- 100/-
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How does work?

Lorindaa is a classified search engine website and application that provides local sellers and buyers a common roof for businesses in this competitive market where local sellers are deprived for full functioning business due to online giants. Lorindaa facilitate a seller to make his business online i.e. creating an online shop/store.

When a seller subscribe , he/she can create an online shop on our website, this will enable him/her to reach out locality and local buyers which will increase the volume of sales as well as profitability as there will be no middle men, infinite displaying of products which is difficult rather impossible in traditional shops.

Channel Partner Term and Conditions

  1. Subscription charges, after subscribing and affiliating as a channel partner is non refundable.
  2. The geographical boundaries are divided into tiers, namely: 1st tier, 2nd tier and 3rd tier. A channel partner must achieve following numbers of sellers to avail commission of renewal of existing sellers in every re-subscription(renewal):
    • 1st Tier (minimum 300 sellers)
    • 2nd Tier (minimum 200 sellers)
    • 3rd Tier (minimum 100 sellers)
  3. All the details regarding commission (Bonus, Award) is clearly mentioned in the documents which will be provided by Lorindaa.
  4. Yearly increments on commission is solely discretion of
  5. expects channel partner’s integrity towards the company , any mishandling of subscription charges(cash/online payment/money) given by sellers is/are liable for legal actions by Lorindaa.